VCPFA Committees

Our committees and working groups

The VCPFA Board undertakes much of its most important work through the committee process. Each committees is comprised of Board and General Members who possess relevant skill sets and knowledge bases which are brought to focus upon issues relevant to the Committee’s purview. Each Committee is established by President with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, the President also appoints committee members.

The VCPFA has several Standing Committees which in addition to being established by the President must be ratified by the VCPFA Membership whereby they become incorporated into the VCPFA Bylaws.  For projects or issues that fall outside the charter of the Standing Committees the VCPFA President may convene an Ad Hoc Committee to research and deliberate a specific issue. Working Groups are also established to assist the Board of Directors in carrying the duties with which it is charged.

Click the links below to view the VCPFA committee charters.