Meet Our Directors & Staff

The Ventura County Professional Firefighters’ Association union activities and initiatives are coordinated and directed by a Board of Directors, consisting of six Executive Board Members and eight District Representatives all of whom are duly elected by the VCPFA General Membership.  Every board member is a full-time, working firefighter or fire prevention officer who serves the membership as a union officer governed by legal duty of fair representation responsibilities and ethical practices codified in our Constitution and By-Laws. The VCPFA Board is charged with realizing the mission and vision of the VCPFA on behalf of its members as well as carrying forward and representing the interests of the membership at the state and national levels.

The over 400 actively engaged members of the VCPFA direct the elected Board through frequent member votes, surveys, membership meetings, constant communications and the rules adopted by the membership in the form of our Constitution, By-Laws as well as our Union Policies and Procedures.

The VCPFA Board of Directors is comprised of the President; the First Vice President; the Vice Presidents of Political Action, Benefits and Charities; the Secretary-Treasurer and eight District Representatives.  All board members serve two-year terms and are elected by a popular vote of the general membership.

Our amazing office staff and office manager assist in running the Association on a day-to-day basis. From managing the office and store front, administering member benefits to assisting Board Members with special projects our staff provide excellent and indispensable service to the VCPFA Membership.

VCPFA Board of Directors

Kevin Aguayo

Vice President
Dan Arnold

Director, Political Action
Derek Wreesman

Director, Benefits
Tony McHale

Director, Charities
Nyles Burch

Secretary – Treasurer
Ronnie D’Aunoy

District 1 Representative
Dan Palacios

District 2 Representative
Nick Bacigalupo

District 3 Representative
James Roscoe

District 4 Representative
Nick Derby

District 5 Representative

District 6 Representative

District 7 Representative
Dave Clark

District 8 Representative
Ryan Whitebread

VCPFA Office Staff

Noel Figueroa

Office Manager

Mia Castaneda

Admin Assistant

April Guerrero
p/t Extra Help