Medicare Eligible soon?

If you are currently on the VCPFA Retiree Group Medical plan, please note that the plan does not provide coverage for those that are Medicare Eligible and you will no longer have coverage with the VCPFA Retiree Group Plan effective the first day of the month that you turn 65. For example, if you turn 65 on January 15th, you become medicare eligible on January 1st and your group plan coverage will terminate on December 31st. If you have eligible dependents on the health plan, they may continue coverage and you and your dependents may continue coverage on the VCPFA Dental and Vision plans if you wish to do so.

Please complete the online form to advise our office of your medicare eligibility and benefits choices:

VCPFA Retiree Benefits Cancellation Request

Medicare Resources

Need assistance with navigating the Medicare system?

The information and contacts provided below are designed to provide additional resources for the members of VCPFA and their dependents, your coverage election decisions are entirely at your discretion.

Click the button and images below for various resources designed to assist you with navigating the Medicare system, as well as contact information for a certified Medicare representative from within our insurance broker’s organization at HUB InternationalInsurance Services Inc. Should you have any questions regarding Medicare, or preparing for retirement, please contact either The VCPFA office or the contacts at HUB International provided.