Terrill L. Tyner

Fire Captain

July 13, 1998

Cardiac Arrest

Terry is remembered with joy for his warm welcoming smile, heart of gold, and endearing sense of humor. He treasured his God, his wife, his children and granddaughters, his entire family and many friends. He was content with the simple things in life: being with family, beach camping, fishing, playing basketball, driving a red ‘65 Chevy pick-up, and serving his fellow man.

Terry was born June 27, 1940. A lifelong Ventura resident, he joined the Ventura County Fire Department in 1970 and quickly moved up to the rank of Captain. He couldn’t wait to go to work each day! His co-workers would tell you they worked with him not for him. He was a genuine team player who respected and enjoyed those he had the privilege of serving with.