Who We Are

Dedicated professionals committed to serving our community

The Ventura County Professional Firefighters’ Association is the union of full-time, professional firefighters (through the rank of captain) and fire prevention officers who are employed by the Ventura County Fire Department, serving the residents of Ventura County and communities throughout the country through mutual aid responses.

VCPFA Members

Our Members represent the best in the fire service profession

Members of the VCPFA are all highly-trained firefighters or fire prevention officers, and have capabilities in a variety of different operational disciplines. VCPFA members are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional firefighting and rescue services.

This goal is realized through the aggressive pursuit of high-quality training, equipment, and staffing levels.

VCPFA members respond to all-risk firefighting and rescue missions, including structural firefighting, emergency medical services with EMTs and advanced life support (ALS) paramedics, vehicle extrication, technical rope rescue, hazardous materials incident mitigation (Hazmat), urban search and rescue (USAR), water rescue, and wildland firefighting in a large wildland-urban interface areas.

In addition to providing these services in Ventura County, VCPFA members assist throughout California and the western United States by participation in the mutual-aid response system.

To meet these demanding challenges the VCPFA seeks to recruit and retain the most highly qualified and motivated Fire & Rescue professionals throughthe negotiation of competitive wage and benefits packages.

Furthermore, we endeavor to educate policy-makers and the community on the unique needs of firefighters and the fire-rescue service.

When not performing fire and rescue work VCPFA members further engage in their communities through VCPFA charities; our charity arm raises and donates tens of thousands of dollars each year to local charities and promotes volunteerism amongst our membership.

VCPFA members donate both their time and money for the benefit of community members and reputable charitable organizations.

The members of the VCPFA are proud to serve the citizens of Ventura County. We consider it a privilege. Our commitment is that we will always be there when needed with the best qualified, trained and equipped Firefighters. We deeply appreciate your support.

Our Mission

Advocating for our Firefighters and the communities we serve

The mission of the Ventura County Professional Firefighters Association is to unite our members as one body helping to define conditions of work, one voice demanding the dignity of a fair wage, and one force directing our talents and energies toward service to our communities.

We ensure the fair and consistent application of our work agreements, collaborate with the county government and fire department management to improve services, support our members through programs such as cancer prevention and behavioral wellness, facilitate camaraderie among our members as fellow firefighters, and ensure that discipline is legally and fairly administered.

The VCPFA addresses the concerns of our members and strives to continually improve the conditions under which we work while remaining dedicated to the highest level of professional service to our communities.

Our Vision

A leading voice in the fire services

That our members may achieve agency through collective action. That we unite our efforts with that of the broader labor movement to affect political and economic change at the local and state level; that our victories are the lodestar for the effect of societal change; and that our members and our communities are the beneficiaries.

Through direct participation from our membership, coupled with strong union leadership the VCPFA leads on the forefront of the labor movement.

Labor coalition partnerships with the American Federation of Labor, California Professional Firefighters and the Central Labor Council along with sister labor organizations forge relationships between fire locals and related industries to protect workers’ rights, champion political candidates and legislative initiatives which bolster public safety all the while demanding the best possible resources which yield the highest level of professional fire and rescue services to our communities.

Our Affiliates

The VCPFA's affiliations with local, state, and national organizations strengthen our ability to support our members and serve our community

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